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Marty Davey Honored

Congratulations to Marty Davey, pastor of the GCI Jacksonville, FL, congregation, Christian Family Fellowship, for recognition in the Folio Weekly Magazine, “Best of Jax 2021” awards. He won first place in the People of Jax—Best Spiritual Leader category. This is the second time Pastor Davey has been recognized; he won third place in 2019.

We’re proud of the way you place-share with your neighbors, Pastor Davey!

Pastor Davey and his wife, Yvonne, attending the Folio awards ceremony.

6 thoughts on “Marty Davey Honored”

  1. Congratulations Marty!
    Many thanks to you and Yvonne for shining the light of Christ so humbly. Honored to be in ministry with you.

  2. Marty, in my view you’ve always been a fine spiritual leader. With your wife by your side, Jesus is held high.

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