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Devotional—New Life

Luke 24:13-35

On the same day the empty tomb was discovered, two disciples are walking and discussing Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. Jesus joins them. When they do not recognize him, they share with Jesus, “but we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. (Luke 24:21).”

They were blind to the beautiful and powerful truth of the risen Christ walking alongside them.

As we continue in our journey with Jesus into Eastertide, we will have “But we had hoped” moments. As experienced on the road to Emmaus, we will find that Jesus will continue to reveal truth about himself and prove to be faithful to us.

During Easter we celebrate new life in Christ – it is not merely a day but a season in the worship calendar that continues through Pentecost. As a practice to help us notice the transformation Christ is offering us, create two columns to journal through this time.

In your first column list your “We had hoped” moments. Think of longings and expectations that you have experienced, both for yourself personally and for your experiences in Christian community. Is there a something you have had to leave behind? Is there an unmet longing you are hoping he will fulfill?

In the second column, share your “buds of new life.” Here, list the new life that Jesus is birthing in your life this Easter season. How do you see his hand in your life personally? Perhaps it’s a new habit, an opportunity to start a new relationship (or an entirely new chapter in an old one), new hopes, new dreams. What desires for Christian community is Jesus forming in your heart?


Jesus, you are faithful to your word, even when circumstances blind us to the reality of your presence with us.

In your perfect love for us, you conquered death and rose from the grave. The resurrection was not just an event, but an invitation to be raised into new life with you.

Our lives are being shaped and transformed by your presence and power, O Risen Christ. This Eastertide help us to process the beauty of life that follows death. Amen.

By Michelle Fleming
GCI Elder & Communications Director


4 thoughts on “Devotional—New Life”

  1. Thank you for remembering us that the resurrection is a new life in us and for the idea of” the” hoped for and the new buds”,very helpful in journaling!

  2. Thank you Michelle for this Easter time devotional! A lot to think about and a good idea to journal. I especially liked the prayer-a sermon in itself to meditate on!

  3. Thanks Michelle for focusing on the hope we have been given in Christ who is Risen and now intercedes for us to our Father! These new buds that spring up in us can be an answer to Him and even to someone else praying for us. We then can easily take to much credit in going a different direction in our Spiritual and Physical lives, but in reality just following a new bud given to us on behalf of another praying. Eph 3:20

  4. Thanks Miss Fleming for the question in your “Eastertide” topic “where do we see God’s hand in our life”. Since I have realised that as a follower of Christ I voluntarily are allowed to bring the light of Jesus to the people, I am more willing to be guided by the Holy Spirit and I often speak about Jesus to people at multiple chances on hiking tours, at my job or even by strolling through a town. So this are buds in my new life with Christ.

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