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Hot Dogs & Jesus—Mt. Sterling, KY, US

When Love Avenue Champion Jimmy Crouch approached me last May about an engagement idea that he and his wife had for the neighborhood, I had no idea how impactful it would become. It began as setting up a simple hot dog stand on the front porch of the church on Sunday evenings for a couple of hours and offering free hot dogs, chips, and a drink to anyone stopping by. But it soon became a regular gathering place each and every Sunday thereafter to sit and talk with those who stopped by.

The attendance started with a handful of people and has continued to grow every week. Now we average around 30 people, many who come every week to join in fellowship. From something so simple, we have three people who are now attending church with us, and two were baptized on January 8. It just goes to show that something as simple as a hot dog can be a ministry to others. To God Be the Glory!

By Tracy Crouch

2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs & Jesus—Mt. Sterling, KY, US”

  1. God reaches out to his beloved children in amazing way. And yes, he even uses hot dogs to accomplish his purposes 🙂

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