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Roy Page

Roy Page, GCI’s pastor in Vancouver and Prince George, Canada recently had a heart attack while visiting one of his daughters in the B.C. interior. He was hospitalized and released. Here is an update from Roy:

We have just returned home, and I am feeling fine. I’m not allowed to drive for 30 days and have to gradually work back to normal activity (exercise, lifting objects etc.). Having a heart attack was the last thing I thought would happen to me but fortunately – through God’s grace – I survived it, although I ended up with two stents in the heart and some heart muscle damage and now have to take medication to ensure that the same thing doesn’t repeat itself and my heart has the chance to recover fully. But – God willing – I should be back to normal activity within a month. Thanks and appreciation for everyone’s prayers and concern.

Email Roy at roypage@telus.net
Send cards and notes to:
Roy and Sheila Page
3825 Brockton Cres
North Vancouver, BC V7G 2K6


Bernie Schnippert

The following note is from Bernie Schnippert.

Recently I gave a health update in which I mentioned being on a new drug which may or may not help my cancer (carcinoid, beginning near the small intestine and traveling to my liver) and which I may or may not be able to tolerate. Unfortunately, on Friday I reached a tipping point in the medication whose side effects of fatigue and breathlessness got so strong I was barely able to make it from the car to the doctor’s office. The doctor took one look at me and revoked the medicine 100 percent. My kidney function was being affected negatively and of course I could not get around so I am off the drug for now. This is pretty disappointing for me since the drug has the potential of slowing or even stopping tumor growth and there is really nothing to fully take its place. After I recover from the drug symptoms he may – may – start me on ½ dose again to see if I can tolerate it. In the meanwhile, I have some big strength catch up to do. Please pray that in time I might find a dose that I can live and thrive on as the only other therapy seems to be killing tumors that grow too fast – a good therapy but time limited in the end. Still, tumor killing can go on for years, which is what I need. Thanks for all your prayers.

Bernie and Arlene Schnippert
64651 Jan Dr
Bend, OR 97701-8824


Death of Ken Buck

We were saddened to learn of the recent death of Ken Buck, a long-time GCI elder who in recent years pastored the Brighton church in England. The following announcement is from his wife, Hilary.

Ken died on October 13, peaceful, dignified and in control, at home after what was a short illness. He was assured and confident of what the future holds and I, too, am assured and confident that we will be together again, even though the immediate days and years ahead are not what I would have chosen. He gave his last sermon three weeks before he died. I know he would like me to thank the many who showed him their warm friendship and gave him encouragement throughout the last years.

Hilary Buck
Ashlea Sliders Lane
Furners Green
Uckfield, E. Sussex TN22 3RT

Note: You can also post notes to Hilary using the “add a comment” feature below.

Bernie Schnippert

Dear friends,

As you know, I have been recovering very well from the four “Tumor kills” which I had done for my Carcinoid Cancer in my liver. My strength was in the high 90th percentile of how I felt when I was “normal” – meaning, before the cancer. As I believe I stated though, I am now on a full dose of a cancer fighting drug called “Afinitor.” My reaction to a half dose went well, but the full dose is very fatiguing, meaning I get out of breath after a few feet of walking. It is not so much that I do not have strength, it is that I cannot seem to tap into it without getting severely out of breath. It is psychologically hard to take a pill that makes you feel bad when you know if you went off the pill you would feel very good for a while.

It is too soon to say whether I can continue with the pill – which amounts really to “chemo” by pill instead of intravenously – since at this point the pill is worse than the disease in how I feel. The point of the pill, the only pill ever proven effective for Carcinoid, is to slow or stop tumor progression. The ideal thing for me will be that I will adjust to the side effects of the pill but it will do its job unabated. We will not know what effect it is having, good or bad, until my next CAT Scan in November. If I cannot tolerate the side effects, then plan “B” is to rely upon the fact that this cancer grows very slowly, and if we see a tumor start to grow then I will go into the clinic for another “tumor kill.” Although I can repeat this “tumor kill” procedure a number of times, there might come a time when no more tumor killing is possible. This is another good reason to be patient with the side-effects even though they are severe and sometimes discouraging.

Please pray that the side effects diminish and that the pills work to stop or slow down the tumors even more. If the tumors grow slowly enough, as they might, then this is almost a cure for me. I will keep you informed from time to time.

– Bernie


Al Nelson

GCI pastor Al Nelson sent the following update concerning the flood damage that he and his wife Arlene experienced in their Vermont home as the result of Hurricane Irene.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. We are greatly blessed. We are gradually making progress in cleaning up. We had a lot of help from family and relief volunteers. I have temporarily set up our computer in one of the corner rooms so we can use it.

We started staying in our house last week and have begun sanding the floors. We’re planning to seal the wood floors instead of laying linoleum or carpet.

Along with realizing our wood floors are good enough to sand, we found something else interesting when removing some wall – two waterlines: the one from the recent flood at 15″ and another at 9″ which must be from the 1927 flood, which Arlene’s parents experienced!

We also found old newspapers from 1924 to 1928 under 3 layers of linoleum.




Felix Johnson

The following update concerning Felix Johnson is from his wife Melba:

Felix is home from surgery. He was on his way home about 1:00 PM. Everything went extremely well! He feels fine and is resting comfortably–can’t keep him in bed.

Our family thanks you very much for your prayers. God gave Felix favor with all who attended him in pre-operative care.

Janna Jones

Janna Jones, the daughter of GCI pastor Jim Kissee, gives the following update:

I would like to thank everyone for the prayers, thoughts and cards. I have been so touched and encouraged by the cards that I have received from all over the U.S., plus from England and Australia. Your taking the time to do this for me means so much. I am 31 weeks pregnant now and baby girl (to be named Lilah Elaine) is doing well. Her 30 week ultrasound showed her to be right on track growth wise at 2 lbs., 13 oz. Our current plan is to induce labor on November 30 (38 weeks five days gestation) and then surgery to remove the cancer and my entire thyroid on December 13. The surgeon described the surgery as tedious and estimated that it would take about three hours. Your prayers for him and me would be much appreciated. A recent ultrasound of my neck showed that I do have cancer in some lymph nodes in my neck which means it has spread a little further than we had hoped. The surgeon will take those lymph nodes in the surgery. Testing following the surgery to stage the cancer will determine if I have to go through radiation.

Overall I would say I am doing well. I am continuing to work three, twelve hour shifts per week as an ER nurse. Those shifts are becoming more and more challenging, but I am trying to work as long as I am able. We recognize that December is going to be a challenging month but we are surrounded by friends and family willing to help us. We are also of course looking forward to welcoming our baby girl into this world and introducing her to her very sweet big brother (Zander, age tw0). Thanks again for the thoughts, prayers and cards. The outpouring of love we have received during this unexpected set of circumstances has really helped to carry us through. My husband Nate and I are both so appreciative.

With love, Janna

Janna Jones
847 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65806


Karen Torgerson

The following update on Karen is from Doug Johannsen.

Betty and I visited Karen this week. We found her in a regular room. She will probably be sent home later this week. Her breathing appears to have returned to the level it was before this episode. Karen asked that I express her heartfelt thanks for all the prayers on her behalf. She said she will never look at prayer requests for others the same way again. We could also see a great reduction in the strain and worry that had been on her husband John’s face.


Marj Friddle

The following praise report is from Marj Friddle.

Dear family and friends,

I have very good news. The wound (staph infected area) is now totally healed much to the surprise of the nurse who came today. It healed in three weeks, though I was told it usually takes at least four to six weeks. We know this is an answer to prayer. The liquid antibiotics were completed last Wednesday and the line removed from my arm. I have been on oral antibiotics for six days and have four more days to go and then I will be finished. I will be really happy to get off of the strong antibiotics that have been required. My lab tests came back good yesterday – no elevation in white cell count – no indication of infection.

We are SO THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL for the MANY cards (68 at last count), numerous e-mails and phone calls that we have received. Our friends and family have been wonderful with their prayers and love for us. We DEEPLY APPRECIATE all the prayers, not only for me, but also for Jim. Our son, Nathan, was here for two weeks and that was a huge help. I still have to take it easy – there is lots of soreness in my abdomen, which will take time to go away. I feel so amazingly blessed that the cancer had not spread and that it was on the right side of my colon so I didn’t have to have a colostomy.

We send our deepest thanks to all of you and are VERY THANKFUL to have you in our lives.

-Marj Friddle