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Grace Stokes

Pastor Jim Stokes is praising God, and asking for additional prayer for his wife Grace:

It was tough day last Wednesday. Gracie was fighting to get her breath. She had been feeling “punky” for several days and tired easily. She seemed better in the afternoon and evening but we both concluded that she should see our doctor. So on Wednesday morning we called our doctor and got ready to go to his office. When he didn’t call back we decided to go to the hospital ER about 5 miles away. They treated her like she was a queen! They ran many tests, gave her medication to remove congestion around her lungs and for her heart, and gave her oxygen.

They monitored her through Thursday and kept her overnight. They believed she had a clogged artery and scheduled angiography for Friday morning. That test showed that her veins and arteries are surprisingly clear, and no further physical treatment is needed. On Friday night we came home.

Tests show that Grace’s heart is weakened to 20% of normal function. This will be treated this with medication, diet and possibly exercise therapy. She has to take it easy, which means no lifting and no housework. I think I’ve been set-up! However, I praise God that she’s breathing well and does not need oxygen. Her appetite has returned and I take that to be a good sign. Considering everything including age, Gracie is doing very well. The hospital treatment was GREAT and the doctors highly skilled. We thank God for answering many prayers in such a speedy, positive way. We do ask for continuing prayer for her.

Dennis Lawrence

The following announcement and request is from Gary Moore, GCI-Canada National Director.

Pastor Dennis Lawrence
Lynn Lawrence

Canadian pastor Dennis Lawrence will be going on disability on September 15 due to continuing health struggles. This is, of course, a big and emotional step for Dennis, who has served for 37 years in pastoral ministry.

A celebration of his ministry will be held on September 10. If you have benefited from Dennis’ ministry, we encourage you to email a note to his wife Lynn (Egbert) Lawrence. She will see that it is given to Dennis as part of the celebration. Lynn’s email address is lynnegbert@yahoo.com.

Thanks for your prayers for Dennis and Lynn.

Marj Friddle

Here is an update from Marj Friddle who continues to recover from her recent cancer surgery:

I am feeling better. Today, [August 7] for the first time I have felt more like I did before the surgery. I am weak but that also seems to be a little better today. The infected area is coming along but it is going to take a while for this to heal because it is 5 centimeters deep. A home health care nurse comes each day to clean and dress the area. The nurses have taught me how to connect the antibiotic infusion device to the line in my arm so I can do that myself. That is done once a day and it takes about an hour and a half. This has to be done for 10 days, blood work will be done and medication adjusted or changed as indicated by the blood work. The home health care nurses have been excellent. The one today was superb – very kind and compassionate. Thank you for your prayers (they need to continue) and your love.

My love to everyone,



Update on Marj Friddle

Jim Friddle gives us this update on the progress of his wife Marj:

Dear ones,

Marj and I thank you for the outpouring of love shown by your prayers, cards and e-mails. We ask you to continue your prayers for Marj.

After Marj was released from the hospital on antibiotics on Aug 23, she began to have abdominal pain and inflammation on Aug 27. We took her to the E.R. on the next day and she was admitted to the hospital for examination and treatment. That night her incision was opened and heavy drainage gushed out. The next morning, the surgeon cleaned and probed inside her abdomen and stuffed gauze inside to absorb the infection. The Doctor said that the infection was approximately 1 1/2 inches deep in the tissue above the surgery to the colon and intestine. He said that this is a common occurrence with colon operations where a speck of unclean matter is not cleaned out during the operation. Thankfully, no infection was found around the colon itself.

Marj is being given antibiotics and potassium to treat skin and tissue infection. The Doctor wants to keep her in the hospital until the infection is completely gone. We ask for your continued prayers for her. We are thankful to God that he has removed the cancer in her colon!

Love, Jim


John and Naomi Biswas and Rand Holm in car accident

Naomi and John Biswas

GCI pastor Rand Holm asks that we pray for Dr. John and Naomi Biswas. They were on their way to Rand’s congregation in Ventura, CA to give an update on their work with the Bengali Evangelistic Association (which John leads). As they travelled by car, they were rear ended and pushed forward into another car being driven by Rand. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries, however John and Naomi were shaken up and her right leg still hurts.

Update on Marj Friddle

The following update concerning Marj Friddle is from her husband Jim:

Marj went in for a routine colonoscopy Monday, August 15. The doctor found a colon mass just above the appendix. This was a shock since there were no symptoms of a problem.

She was immediately hospitalized and scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. The doctor removed more than a foot of her colon plus her appendix and was well pleased with the outcome of the operation. She was in ICU until Friday night when she was moved to a room. She was placed on solid food on Sunday evening. I stayed with her most of the time she was in the hospital.

Marj was released from the hospital on Tuesday, August 23. We got the pathology report right before leaving. IT IS GOOD NEWS! The mass was definitely colon cancer and it was contained in the part of the colon which was removed. The surgeon removed 12 lymph nodes and all were clear! His recommendation is that no further treatment is needed. He also recommends another colonoscopy in one year and contact with an oncologist in case he might want to do blood work or other tests during the coming year.

We love all of you deeply and appreciate your prayers, love, concern, cards and e-mails.


Cards may be sent to:

Mrs. Marjorie Friddle
7404 Stillwater Dr
Bayonet Point, FL 34667-2293

Death of Fred Bailey

Retired GCI pastor, C. Fred Bailey, died at age 70 on August 3 at his home in Southaven, MS. The cause of death was apparently heart failure.

Fred was born on July 26, 1941. He graduated from Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA in 1973. Upon graduation, he married Diane Yoho. They entered the field ministry as a trainee couple in June of that year, serving in the Oakland and San Francisco, CA churches. In 1974 they transferred to Nashville, TN. They served their first full pastorate in Evansville, IN. They also pastored in Springfield, MO and Richmond, VA. Fred retired in 2004. Fred’s wife, Diane, preceded him in death in 2006. Fred and Diane ministered capably and faithfully in all the church areas where they served. They were respected and loved by all who knew them.


Hospitalization of Marj Friddle

Marj Friddle, wife of GCI retired pastor Jim Friddle, had surgery this week to treat colon cancer. Her doctor told her that the cancer in her colon is apparently related to the breast cancer she battled in 2001. Please pray for Marj’s healing and for encouragement for Jim and the rest of the family. Cards and notes can be sent to:

Marj Friddle
7404 Stillwater Dr
Bayonet Point, FL 34667-2293


Death of Hector Espinoza

Hector and Adriana

Hector Espinoza, age 18, was killed last week in a gang related shooting. Hector was a new member of Communion De Gracia, the GCI Spanish-speaking church in San Fernando, CA pastored by Heber Ticas.

Though Hector had a troubled past, he was turning his life around. He was a first time camper this summer at SEP SoCal, where he surrendered his life to Christ. His mother Angelica Recendiz said that he came home with great peace and joy.

Please pray for Angelica and the rest of Hector’s family, including his sister Adriana, who was admitted to the hospital just before camp suffering from lupus. According to their youth pastor, Hector was a tremendous support to Adriana. He would sleep in the hospital and encourage her with assurance that everything was going to be okay. Three of Hector’s cousins attended camp with him this summer: Reyna Flores, Ernesto Flores and Armando Recendiz.

Cards and words of support can be sent to the family at this address:

Angelica Recendiz
10631 Lindley Ave. #136
Northridge, CA 91326