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Africa mission trip

Janet Morrison, director of Generations Ministries Great Commission Trips, returned recently from a mission trip to Africa. With her husband Mike (a senior editor in GCI media), Janet led a group that conducted Vacation Bible Schools in three GCI congregations in Zambia and three in Malawi (see map). Below are pictures from the trip to the church in Chawama, Zambia. For more information, see http://gctrips.org/ZAMBIA.aspx.

The Chawama church building
Chawama church gathered after worship (Janet Morrison at far right)
Mike Morrison teaching the VBS children

One thought on “Africa mission trip”

  1. The “group” Janet and her husband Mike led, were a group of two people- Barbara and Dusty Miller, (pictured far left in middle photo). They are long-time and faithful members of the GCI congregation in Washington, DC.

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