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OMNIA: SEP Rockies

OMNIA was the theme for SEP Rockies, the Generations Ministries camp in Colorado. OMNIA is the Latin word for everything, and the theme expressed the truth that Christ is everything. This theme was derived from Col. 1:27: “God has chosen to make known the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” The camp theme song was Everything by Tim Hughes.

Many lessons were learned in camp, including being reminded of God’s provision and protection. The staff was on their knees on several occasions regarding inclement weather. God answered in undeniable ways. The weather kept us indoors and caused us to miss several scheduled activities. We were humbled to see how much the campers enjoyed this down-time. The more connected they are with technology, the less actual interaction they get with each other throughout the year. They had so much fun just hanging out!

The schedule was intentionally shifted to provide more life-on-life interaction between campers and staff. In one activity at the beginning of camp, each camper met for one minute with each of about 30 different staff members. As a result of this interaction, several staff members knew every camper by name within the first two hours of camp!

In an outreach class, Cliff and Mary Snyder from Higher Education for Ethiopia talked with the campers and gave them opportunity to make gifts for new friends and pen pals across the globe. Once again, the camp had a Guy/Girl Day to allow boy and the girl campers to assemble separately to discuss challenges related to their gender.

This year the camp made a shift in how worship is conducted, seeking to relate praising God with music that is culturally relevant. Doing so was a huge hit. Seeing campers and staffers singing, praising and dancing before God was pure joy!

For a glimpse of SEP Rockies in action, watch this video (the featured speaker is Anthony Mullins of GCI Generations Ministries who served this summer as SEP Rockies’ camp chaplain):