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Ruth Miller

Bob and Ruth Miller
Bob and Ruth Miller

GCI Birmingham, Alabama pastor Bob Miller requests prayer for his wife Ruth who broke her arm in a fall while on vacation in the Smoky Mountains over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Bob reports that it was a “freak accident.” He went on to say that, “Our daughter and family drove down from Maryland and we were so looking forward to spending the week with the grands. We left on Tuesday and saw a sports doctor here on Wednesday and they put her in a partial cast—the break is in her upper right arm; the humerus bone. It is a difficult break to immobilize and treat. She is feeling pretty miserable—can’t get comfortable. I am helpless to do anything. Ruth’s cast is heavy and I think it’s putting a lot of stress on her back and ribs. She couldn’t sleep at all last night. Thanks for your prayers.”

Cards may be sent to:

Ruth Miller
538 River Crest Way
Helena, AL 35080-8300

6 thoughts on “Ruth Miller”

  1. Dear Ruth,

    Will include you in my prayers. I know that you, Bob and the Birmingham congregation have often included many brethren around the world in your intercessions. Now it’s our turn to have this privilege for you.


  2. Dear Ruth,

    I am so sorry to hear of you having a broken arm. Connie and I are praying for you that the recovery will be swift and complete.

    Love to you and Bob,
    Larry Wooldridge

  3. Ruthie, It’s almost like re-living this. A couple years ago Hazel had the same break with all the attendant pain and discomfort. Please be encouraged that with God’s mercy and doing what we could, the 2″ separation between upper arm and shoulder socket closed and the bones re-knitted together. The arm is not perfect but is totally usable. So you can recover to at least close to normal. We pray for you both to have relief from pain, healing, and for Bob to be a good right arm for you for the present. You have always been that for him. Love In Him, Hazel & JR

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