Greg Williams receives DMin

Susan and Greg Williams

Greg Williams, who serves as the associate director of GCI-USA Church Administration and Development, was awarded a Doctorate of Ministry (DMin) degree by Drew University on Saturday May 17.

Greg walkingGreg completed a project and dissertation on the topic of mentoring as it relates to internships in Grace Communion International. Greg worked with an Advisory Team that included John Halford, Ted Johnston, Charles Fleming and Mychelle Fleming. It is Greg’s hope that this project will be a gift to the denomination and launch hundreds of young men and women into the ministry of Jesus Christ for years to come.

Greg and his wife Susan, who currently live in Hendersonville, North Carolina, are preparing to move to Southern California where they will serve GCI from that location. Please pray that all aspects of their move go well.

Congratulations to Greg—and to Susan too!

15 thoughts on “Greg Williams receives DMin”

  1. Congratulations Greg!

    A great accomplishment for the advancement of the Kingdom!

    God bless! Ray and Carol Meyer

  2. Hi Greg(& Susan)
    Congratulations! It has been many years since our Winnipeg experience – who would have dreamed that we would be in the place we are! All the best for the future and in your move to California.

  3. A wonderful achievement Greg! Thanks for all your hard work and service to our church, and the Body as a whole. We appreciate you.

  4. Great job Greg! Thank you for your example of continuing personal growth and your commitment to the future of Grace Communion!

  5. Congratulations and blessings, Dr. Williams/Susan!
    Generationally speaking, it’s encouraging to the “GCInow” population.
    Love & appreciations,

  6. Congratulations Greg! And all the best in your move to CA. It was great working with you at the NERC in NJ and hope we have opportunity again.

  7. Way to Go Greg!
    You set a good example of continuing to grow and learn. Here’s hoping that your future will be bright and productive. Congratulations on your new position. I feel you will be a blessing to many who are looking for pathways to service in ministry.

  8. Congratulations Greg!

    My doctoral program director once asked the question, “What’s the best dissertation?” His answer: “A done dissertation!” How good it is to have it
    completed and how good it is to know that what you have learned and experienced can be used to advance the work of Christ.


  9. Hi Doctor Greg,

    Congrats mate! A great achievement. All the best with the big move into the big smoke. Trust all goes well.

    May God bless and continue to work through you to the benefit of us all,


  10. Congratulations Greg and Susan!!!

    Extremely happy for you and blessed to have you working in GCI!


  11. Congratulations, Greg!

    It is wonderful to see God at work in and with you as you minister to others.

    So happy to be participating in Christ’s work with you,


  12. Dr. Greg:
    “Congrats” to you on your achievement ! Many years of hard work has paid off for you, which will also, benefit many others. Oh how time flies from those days of bar-be-ques in Winnipeg, in the ’70s, to where you are now !
    All the very best to you and your family, Greg.


  13. Well done, my friend… well done! And many more blessings I pray to come to you and your family.


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