Howard Blakeney receives honorary doctorate

Howard (center) pictured with family members.
Howard (center) pictured with family members.

GCI church and district pastor Howard Blakeney recently received an honorary doctor of divinity degree from Cathedral Bible College and Seminary. The degree was awarded in recognition of Howard’s body of work in 17 years of pastoral ministry and his community work. Howard received an earned master’s degree in 2013 and is scheduled to receive an earned doctor in theology degree in 2015.

Howard currently pastors GCI congregations in Marion South Carolina, and Augusta, Georgia.

One thought on “Howard Blakeney receives honorary doctorate”

  1. Greetings Howard and family,
    What a wonderful accomplishment in your earned master’s degree, and now to be awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree for your pastoral ministry including your work in your community! Congratulations from us!

    I hope you are encouraged greatly by the honor for your labors unto our Lord Jesus where you live. May you continue such a fine work, in the full support of your family as an example for many! God Bless you far into the future. David & Linda Husmann

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