Planting churches for the deaf

Hands for Christ logoAs reported by pastor Mary Bacheller, Hands for Christ Community Church, GCI’s new church for the deaf in Staten Island, New York, continues to make progress. Part of that progress involves multiplying additional churches for deaf people. Toward that end, Mary is working with GCI members in Texas and West Virginia (see pictures below) to start new churches for the deaf in their areas. As a first step, groups are meeting in both locations to participate through live streaming video in the Hands for Christ worship services each week.

Pastor Mary (center) with Josephine and Radford Arner from Texas
Pastor Mary (center) with April and Scott Hottle from West Virginia

Mary recently conducted a special session of GCI’s Church Next Training (CNT) for the Arners and Hottles to equip them for taking next steps in planting their new churches. Here, as reported by the participants, are some of the CNT take-aways:

  • When you talk about Jesus, you talk about your heart
  • Planting a church is a natural process
  • We are not alone—we always have support, through God, Church Multiplication Ministries and, our sponsor, Mary Bacheller
  • Hands for Christ live streaming is not a TV show, but church
  • Our focus, vision and mission is Deaf people using American Sign Language coming to the understanding of JESUS and HIM crucified, buried and resurrected
  • We are working to help deaf people understand the Trinity in their language through their culture
  • God is love—the dynamic relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • God shares his love with humans
  • We are to be part of deaf community as we are a part of Jesus

The two groups will be writing down where they see themselves in three years and their plans to get there. They will discuss these plans via video conference as they continue working together toward starting new churches for the deaf within GCI. We invite you to join them in prayer as they journey forward.

3 thoughts on “Planting churches for the deaf”

  1. This is encouraging news Mary. We are grateful for your participation with Jesus in this vital ministry.

  2. Praise God for His amazing work through Hands for Christ and Pastor Mary. “All Kinds of Churches in all kinds of places for all kinds of people” has certainly been borne out through her ministry. Looking forward to the future testimonies that will come.

  3. How exciting Mary, thanks for the update! What a joy to participate in God’s love for all people. Our prayers are with you all.

    With love in Christ.

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