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Please update your records

This announcement is for U.S. pastors and those who assist them with record keeping.

A number of GCI-USA local churches have outdated information online. Some have closed their websites, or have websites with old or incorrect information. Because we link to these websites on GCI.org (GCI’s denominational website), it’s important to us all that you keep the information on your website current, and if you close it, that you notify GCI’s home office (by emailing support@gci.org). We will remove links on GCI.org to closed local church websites.

Please take time now to check the information about your congregation that we have on the denomination’s website. Go to http://www.gci.org/participate/find, locate your church record, then verify the information listed there. Are the meeting location and time correct? Is information about the pastor correct? If anything you find there is incorrect, please do one of the following:

  • Log into https://online.gci.org/, go to your congregation’s record and correct the information yourself
  • Email support@gci.org listing the changes that need to be made to your congregation’s record and we’ll make the changes for you

Thanks for keeping your online church records up-to-date.