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Jodie Haist

Prayer is requested for Jodie Haist, wife of Brad Haist who pastors GCI churches in Saginaw and Flint, Michigan. Here is a note from Jodie:

Brad and Jodie Haist

I recently had two stress tests that came back bad. My cardiologist is convinced that with my family history of heart disease and my blood pressure and cholesterol issues, I need aggressive treatment.

One night recently I was in intense pain for about five hours before waking my husband to take me to the hospital. They found a large kidney stone. Once it has passed (or I have surgery to remove it), I will be having heart surgery.

In the blink of an eye my life has changed. My heart is broken, my body is in pain; but I have an amazing husband, a wonderful family and friends that are amazing. Please keep me in your prayers and keep those positive vibes coming my way. I’m confident that things will return to normal, but until then, it’s one day at a time!

Cards may be sent to:

Jodie Haist
618 9th Street
Sebewaing, MI 48759-1211

7 thoughts on “Jodie Haist”

  1. Thanks for sharing this prayer opportunity. Together we are stronger. I think you got it right, take life one step at a time always trusting the ONE that is able to give us all the comfort and strength that we need.

    God is our Healer!

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Just to let you know you are in thought, heart and prayer.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, AL

  3. We will join in with the saints for God’s healing and manifestation of that as we are reminded of the many scriptures, I.E. Psa. 107:20 HE sent forth HIS word and healed them among many. You will have many who love you to stand in the gap for you at this time. Our GOD is able and thankfully, there is nothing too hard for HIM. Love and best wishes.

  4. So sorry Jodie to hear about your severe pain and upcoming heart surgery. Life can be so difficult when battling these trials, but with God’s help I’m sure you will begin to see some positive light at the end of the tunnel. My heart and prayer go out to you for a wonderful recovery, physically and spiritually!

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