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Rex Dela Pena

Shiela and Rex
Sheila and Rex

Rex Dela Pena, regional leader and pastor for GCI in the Philippines, started attending WCG when he was five years old. “My mom started attending and was baptized in 1972.”

Rex, who grew up in Manila, is the youngest of four siblings. “I was the singer in the family. The oldest child was our pianist, so we had music in the house most of the time.”

As Rex grew up, he got involved in church activities and started attending SEP. “In 1984, I developed a crush on a girl named Sheila. Who would have guessed she would become my best friend and we would get married 14 years later!” Before that marriage, Rex attended Ambassador College, graduating in 1994. “I was asked to be a ministerial trainee right after graduation. I was ordained in 1999.”

Rex and Sheila have been married now for 15 years. “This December 6 will be our 16th anniversary. We do not have children. We have two fur-kids named Peanut and Miny (a mini-pinscher and a Jack Russell terrier).”

Sheila works full-time in sales, but prior to this job, she often traveled with Rex. “I was able to take her on different church trips and training sessions. During the time when I was serving as a camp director, she was the artist and the consultant I relied on in making sure that the operations went smoothly.”

When asked what he enjoys most about being a pastor, Rex said, “Getting involved in some of the most awesome life celebrations like baptism at youth camps, weddings, anniversaries and the like… and being there when life is at its most difficult for people, particularly times of bereavement.” When asked about his most memorable moment, Rex said it was in 2012 when he conducted the funeral services for his mom.

Rex’s passion has always been for the youth. “I have been involved with SEP since 1987 —serving as camp director for 14 years while assisting other camps in the country.” A new passion for Rex is photography. “Recently, I have started learning photography. I am an aspiring photographer and someday I hope to be featured in National Geographic! (It’s free to dream!).” Photography helps Rex worship. “I feel closest to God when I am photographing awesome scenery, including landscapes. I feel God’s love when I am surrounded by nature.”

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  1. Rex,

    You look just the same as you did when we were singing together in Big Sandy all those years ago. You and Sheila keep running the good race.

    Todd Woods
    Living Faith Church
    Davenport, Iowa

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