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Raul Ramos

RAMOS, Raul & Sylvia IMG_7128
Sylvia and Raul

Raul Ramos, pastor of Desert Oasis Community Church, the GCI congregation in Lancaster, California, grew up in Puerto Rico. “I moved with my mom and brother to New York City when I was 12. I learned English at that age. Being bilingual has given me opportunity to serve in speaking and training people who are Spanish-speaking. This has brought me to various countries as well as to translating duties at CAD conferences.”

While in New York, Raul began attending WCG. “I started around September 1964. My next-door neighbors, who were members, invited my brother and me to their home to share Bible study. After seeing their example, we decided to attend. I couldn’t have imagined then that I would someday marry their eldest daughter Sylvia.” Eight years later, Raul and Sylvia were married. “We have been married for 42 years. We have two sons. Steven Ramos (married to Elizabeth) lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have 3 children: Elijah, Zoe and Josiah. David Ramos is single and lives in Fullerton, California.”

Raul felt a calling to serve God at an early age. “When I was a boy in Puerto Rico, I had a dream in which I was preaching to a group of people. From that time on, I felt God calling me into ministry.” Sylvia became his ministry partner. Raul says that she is involved in “almost every aspect of my ministry. My wife and I were very involved with the local church—serving, translating and visiting those who were Spanish-speakers. Eventually the Brooklyn-Queens church started a Spanish-language service, which I helped lead. We grew to approximately 75 members. I coordinated the service, gave sermons and conducted baptism and marriage counseling. As my responsibilities grew, I felt the need to be better prepared, so I applied for Ambassador College in 1982. Upon arrival, I was hired to serve in the ministry by Mr. Tkach Sr.”

Raul said he loves being a pastor and his most memorable moment was baptizing his sons. “I love God and I love serving him. The church is my family. My wife and I love to see new converts and maturing members grow in their relationship with our Triune God and with their family in Christ. There is no greater work on earth, in my opinion.”

Concerning his appreciation for GCI, Raul said, “Though it was difficult in the beginning, I believe that the transformation of our denomination is nothing short of a miracle.” Raul has had his trials. “About 18 months ago I went through renal failure and a diabetic coma with serious complications. I know that many were praying for me, and God raised me up. Thank you all for the prayers and thank God for his loving-kindness and deliverance. I am happy to still be above ground and pastoring part-time.”

When Raul isn’t serving the congregation, he tries to get out to enjoy his other passion, which is fishing. When asked when it is that he feels closest to God, Raul said, “When I am worshiping, I feel his presence.”

5 thoughts on “Raul Ramos”

  1. My Latino half particularly enjoyed reading about you. I recall visiting the “Spanish Church” a couple of times during my AC years in Pasadena.

    Raul, I am glad to hear that you have recovered well from the health complications. Do keep taking good care of yourself. The diabetes battle can be a difficult one but frequently there is quite a bit one can personally do to help out the positive odds.

    Hang in there and keep up the good work!

    In Christ,

  2. Raul and Silvia. We give thanks to God for the things He is doing in your lives. We love you. Blessings.

  3. Pastor Ramos,
    I was very interested to hear about how and in what places you and Sylvia have served God all through the years. It is wonderful and inspiring to know that you have recovered and are continuing to serve Him. I pray that you both serve Him fruitfully for many more years.
    God bless you!

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