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John Meyer receives award

John-Meyer-0001John Meyer (pictured at right), a GCI elder who lives in Tracy, California, recently was awarded the 2014 Teschemaker Cup.

This award is given annually by the high school that John attended in his hometown, Timaru, New Zealand. The award is given to recognize an individual alumnus for their outstanding international achievements.

Click here to read an earlier Update article about John’s substantial vocational achievements.

2 thoughts on “John Meyer receives award”

  1. Congratulations once again, John, for the recognition. You have made many wonderful and significant contributions over the years. I will never forget you and your beautiful wife, and I thank you for the years of encouragement during my time at AC, and especially the years when you were my supervisor at Ambassador Press. I couldn’t have had a better boss! George and I send our best to you both!

  2. “Good on ya, mate!” as your friends in Timaru might say. Judy and I add our congratulations to those of others. Here’s hoping both you and Shari are doing well. We look forward to seeing you two again at one of our future district or regional gatherings.

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