Dan Rogers visits Alaska churches

Dan Rogers, director of U.S. Church Administration and Development recently visited Alaska to encourage and teach our members there. He was accompanied on the visit by his son Steven. This was Dan’s final annual visit to Alaska in his official capacity (he retires at the end of this year).

quiltOn Saturday, 20 people from the GCI congregations in Anchorage and Kenai gathered for fellowship, a meal and a seminar from Dan on the history of the early church based on the book of Acts. Following the meal, Dan was presented with a hand-made quilt as a retirement gift, thanking him for the love and friendship he has extended toward the Alaska congregations over the years. A few mementos were given to Steven Rogers, who has traveled with his dad for many years on his annual visit to GCI’s congregations in Alaska.

During the visit, Dan and Steven, accompanied by Anchorage pastor Don Marson and his wife, visited the Alaska Zoo and Chugach State Park with its stunning views of Mt. McKinley, Mt. Foraker, Mt. Spurl, the Alaska Range, and the Readout and Illiamna volcanoes. On Sunday, Dan gave the sermon at the Anchorage church worship service, covering the story of David and Goliath.

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  1. Dan,

    May all the legs in the “grand final tour of duty” bring you overflowing joy and unforgettable precious memories. As someone once said: ” Christians don’t retire”. So, the adventure will continue…

    Santiago and Elke

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