Birth of Hendersons’ grandson

Gavin and Sinead Henderson, along with their one-year old daughter, Nova, are delighted to announce the birth of their son, Digby Obadiah, on February 28. Young grandparents, James and Shirley Henderson, are over the moon with excitement! (James is GCI’s national director in the United Kingdom.)

Henderson baby

4 thoughts on “Birth of Hendersons’ grandson”

  1. Congratulations James and Shirley on being grandparents again!!

    As the saying goes, being a grandparent is a reward for being a parent! James may now have to care about a sport and who knows what that is going to be?!

    My congratulations to Gavin and Sinead as well.

    Blessings to all,
    Gabriel Ojih

  2. Dear Jim and Shirley,
    Congrats to Gavin, Sinead and Nova on Digby’s birth. Another blessing for grandpa Jim and grandma Shirley. Someone once said “Children are the sum of what their parents and grandparents contribute to their lives.” We know that you and Shirley will do that! Warmest regards, Richard and Joyce.

  3. Dear James and Shirley and Gavin and Sinead,
    Congratulations on Digby Obadiah’s addiction to the family. Brigida and I pray God’s blessings be with you all as you rejoice seeing Digby growing healthy and happy.

    Warmest regards and best wishes,
    Pedro and Brigida

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