Developments at Hands for Christ

HC3 Commissioning JoyceHC3 commissioning LouisHands for Christ Community Church (HC3), is GCI’s newly planted church primarily for deaf people in Staten Island, New York. Under the leadership of church planter and lead pastor Mary Bacheller, the congregation continues on a pathway of growth and development.

Recently, Mary commissioned four new HC3 ministry leaders (see group picture below). Joyce Coletti (pictured above left, being commissioned by Mary with regional pastor Randy Bloom assisting), Louis D’Amico (pictured above right), and Marjorie D’Arrigo were all commissioned to serve in HC3’s communion ministry. Christina Trunzo-Mosleh was commissioned to serve in the voice interpreting ministry—HC3’s worship services are conducted in American Sign Language (ASL), with interpretation provided for the hearing.

HC3 commissioning group

3 thoughts on “Developments at Hands for Christ”

  1. Dear Mary, including Joyce, Louis, Marjorie, and Christina, congratulations if offered to you from us for your growth in service to our Lord Jesus’ ministry works. May Jesus blessings be upon you as you serve others in this very needed way. Our prayers are with you, David and Linda Husmann.

  2. I appreciate the fact we now have a means for reaching the hearing impaired with the Good News of Christ Jesus. My daughter worked as a school nurse for Oregon School for the Deaf in Salem for nine years. She now attends the Salem congregation of GCI. She is excited to hear this wonderful development in the outreach of our Denomination!
    A special “thank you” to all that serve in this exciting new ministry!!

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