Journey with the Master

JWM in SoCal

The last issue of Weekly Update reported on a Journey with the Master (JWM) event held recently in Southern California. In the video update below, GCI-USA CAD director Greg Williams shares testimonies from teens and young adults who participated in that event.

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JWM in the Northwest

JWM groupThough it was football playoff time in Seahawk territory, several young adults from GCI’s Christian Family Fellowship church (in Kenmore, Washington) gathered on the weekend of January 16 for their fourth Journey with the Master retreat with GenMin national coordinator Anthony Mullins, and the congregation’s pastor Wayne Mitchell and his wife Patty. The group (pictured at right) embarked on a discussion about their own stories and the kind of stories they want to live in the future. Inspired by the book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story by Donald Miller (author of Blue Like Jazz), the group talked about what makes an epic story and how our Creator is the ultimate author of our stories.

The group was strengthened and encouraged by this opportunity to reflect both individually and collectively on their lives as servants. Though they are in the beginning phase of their lives, the next chapters are being written. The weekend was a great time to explore those stories, to reconnect, to take walks in or between downpours, to eat lots of food, to solve a small “coffee crisis,” to play games and to take communion together. Anthony good-naturedly joined the young adults in watching their beloved Seahawks in a playoff game against the Packers. It was a win/win weekend in the Pacific Northwest!