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Charles Taylor

Charles and Keysha Taylor
Charles and Keysha Taylor

Prayer is requested for Charles Taylor, lead pastor of GCI’s congregation in Miramar, Florida (Miami area). On May 11, while cooking dinner, Charles suffered severe burns to his forearm and hand from a stove fire. It appears that he has some nerve damage. Charles’ wife Keysha gave this report:

Charles was transported to Ryder Trauma center at Jackson Hospital in Miami. The pain meds they are giving him are really strong, so he’s nauseous, but otherwise comfortable. He was originally scheduled for surgery on May 12, but they are holding that off for at least a day. Praise God—the area to be grafted is getting smaller because his skin is healing itself!

Cards may be sent to Charles and Keysha at:

Charles and Keysha Taylor
9650 Dunhill Drive
Miramar FL 33025

19 thoughts on “Charles Taylor”

  1. Our prayers are with you, Charles! We know that our loving God will be looking over you and your healing.
    Love, Raul and Sylvia

  2. Dear Charles
    God be with you, grant you strength and know that HE is holding YOU in the Palm of HIS HAND… Sending many hugs.

  3. We do hope and pray that you are healing and feeling better and on your way to a full recovery. Thinking of you.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  4. Charles and Keysha. Keeping you in prayer for continued healing and recovery.

    Todd Woods

  5. Hi Charles,
    So sad to hear about your burn. I will pray for God to quickly heal you, and to take away your pain. Sending hugs, Amy

  6. Charles – praying that your injury heals quickly and completely. Hang in there!(:

  7. Charles, what a terrible thing to happen. I will be praying for you and your family.

  8. Hey CT! So sorry to hear of your accident! Keeping you, your family, and your doctors in prayer. Much love to you!

  9. Charles’ wife Keysha notified me that Charles had surgery this morning (May 15). Skin grafting was involved and it went well. Recovery in such situations is always a concern. Your prayers for rapid healing and pain relief are needed and appreciated.

  10. Dear Charles and Keysha,

    I’m sorry this has happened. We fully trust the Lord and his healing touch in and through those doctors. I love you very much and I’m praying for you!

    With Love,

  11. Charles,

    I pray for a speedy recovery and pain relief. May God carry you through this in an amazing way.

    Much love,

    Joe and Emily

  12. Thinking of you, Charles & sending up prayers for your full & speedy healing & recovery!!

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