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Concerning baptism

Baptism of Christ by Davezelenka. Used with permission, Wikimedia Commons.

In GCI we baptize both believers and infants. When the person being baptized is a minor, certain approvals are necessary as noted in section 3.7 of the GCI-USA Church Administration Manual:

Minors (those under age 18) may be baptized and/or become members (including youth members) only with the approval of a parent or legal guardian. When a youth under age 12 is baptized, a parent or legal guardian must be present at the ceremony.

GCI’s various baptism ceremonies can be downloaded at http://www.gci.org/pastoral/ceremonies.

Here are other GCI resources on the topic:

One thought on “Concerning baptism”

  1. We received a comment on this post asking about how to apply the stated policy concerning parental permission when one of the parents of a youth seeking baptism does not approve. Such circumstances call for wisdom and discretion, and generally it is best that the parents discuss the matter with the pastor and come to a joint decision regarding their minor child’s baptism. If they cannot agree, it may be best, for the sake of harmony in the family, and in order to honor both parents, that the baptism be put off until the youth reaches adulthood.

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