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Linda Dick in hospice care

Here is a prayer request from Ron Dick, retired GCI pastor, concerning his wife Linda.

Linda has had so much trouble with her health over the last 20 years that we would have been guilty of news overload to report all the issues. Suffice it to say that she was physically unable to participate like she desired in the ministry and in society in general. After years of medical tests with no name to put on her condition, she learned to manage her situation the best she could. There were tests and scans by the scores even as recently as February this year. None revealed anything more than a peptic ulcer.

On April 15 while entering a sleep clinic, she caught her toe on the threshold and fell face-first breaking her nose and raising large bumps on her head. At the ER they found no serious damage but she was very sore. About ten days after the fall, her back began to hurt causing catches in her breathing. The pain persisted so her doctor ordered more scans that revealed anomalies in her lungs. Unable to be sure what they saw, a biopsy was ordered. The result was severe bleeding. A breathing tube and drain tube were inserted. Several days of observation brought the conclusion that the scans were showing hundreds of cancerous tumors. The danger of further biopsies left them not knowing the source of the cancers but that they were serious and her condition was terminal.

Linda is now in hospice care. She requires regular pain control and sleeps continuously. The situation has gone from an unknown back pain to terminal hospice care in one week. Our daughters arrived to see their mother and Linda was able to tell them goodbye and assure them that everything will be all right. Through the fog of the narcotics she remains cheerful and encouraging in the few words she is able to say.

Linda loved her many close friends in the church all over the world. She began attending in Seattle Washington with her mother at age 11. She was baptized at 16, attended Ambassador College in England where she graduated in 1969, was married and spent the next 42 years supporting her husband and family as they were involved in numerous departments in our denomination. She is grateful for a full productive life in the church and with her family.

Those few who are aware of Linda’s situation have offered encouragement and prayers for her peace and comfort. Those prayers are being answered daily and we are grateful to you all.

Cards can be sent to:

Ron and Linda Dick
63 Loren Drive
Sarasota, FL 34238-5157

10 thoughts on “Linda Dick in hospice care”

  1. Just to let you know our hearts and prayers go out to your wife, you and your family.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  2. Dear Ron and Linda,

    Our hearts break for you both and your family. My first memory of Linda was when you were both at AC in Bricket Wood, England. Then we became semi-related when your brother Randal and my sister Susie married. It was always great to spend time with you at the international conferences in California and Florida. Our love and prayers go out for you.

    Don & Alix

  3. Dear friend and brother, Ron. My heart and my prayers go out to you. I am very saddened by this report about Linda. I pray for God’s gracious comfort for you both at this difficult time as well as in the future.

  4. Dear Ron,

    We’re so sorry to hear of this development. Rest assured that our prayers are with you and Linda and family at this difficult time. May God’s mercy and grace be with you all. Ray and Carol Meyer

  5. Oh, Ron, how difficult it must be be. I knew nothing of this until Greg A. wrote this Am.
    Best wishes to you and yours

  6. Dear Ron, Just heard of Linda’s homecoming….the battle is over, Victory in Jesus..,Absent from the body present with the Lord…Surely God’s goodness and mercy have followed Linda all the days of her life and she lives in the house of the Lord forever. Gone but not forgotten …Joyce and I will always remember her beautiful smile and voice. Praying for you and your daughters. Love, Richard and Joyce

  7. May the GOD of comfort be with Mrs. Dick and the rest of you while you love and support her. Our prayers are with you as well as those from around many parts of the world.

    We appreciate the wonderful service offered to so many over the years. We know GOD is not unfaithful to forget her good works. Love and blessings are with you at this time. GOD is able to see you through.

  8. Dear Ron, Our prayers are with you all during this difficult time. It is hard to watch a loved one go through something like this. God bless!

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