How does a church become younger?


Thom Rainer of LifeWay, in a recent post on his blog, noted five ways some senior adult churches were able to become younger. In that post he made this important comment:

I am not suggesting there is anything inherently wrong with a congregation of senior adults. But I have been asked on numerous occasions how these churches can possibly reach younger families. Rather than give you my own subjective opinions, let me share with you five different ways some churches have actually accomplished this feat.

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On a related note, Haydn Shaw, in his book Sticking Points, wrote this:

Hoping your church can reach everyone puts the focus on your church, not on the people you’re trying to reach, and in no time you’ll be asking the dead-end question again. Go young or grow old together—both benefit the Kingdom of God. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do both if you keep doing what you’ve been doing (p. 207).

For a summary by Ed Stetzer of the key points in Shaw’s book, click here.