Convention in Ghana

This update is from Emmanuel Okai, National Ministry Leader for GCI Ghana.

The 2015 Annual Convention of Ghana was simultaneously held in Lolobi-Kumasi and Kutunse. About 150 attended at Lolobi–Kumasi where the theme was “Come celebrate the goodness of God.” Meetings were held at the town square, providing opportunities to minister to members of the community.

About 500 attended in Kutunse, where the theme was based on John 14:3. Meetings were filled with music and dance (see pictures below) and various groups and individuals gave special music in praise of the Lord, whose coming was celebrated with great anticipation. During the convention, deacons and deaconesses were ordained to serve two local congregations, and little children were blessed. A highlight of the convention was the musical presentations from various congregations including a children’s choir that performed a musical skit in which the Apostles Creed was recited. A new group named Couples for Christ GCI was inaugurated to help young couples experience a stable married life, and to be involved in community service projects. Convention activities included hiking, family day, and a visit to Pastor Alfred Ablordeppey who is unwell. Prayers for his healing are requested.