Willi Mandel

Here from GCI-Canada retired pastor Willi Mandel is an update related to a previous prayer request concerning his health.

I received some good news recently. A cat-scan showed that my tumor has not grown since last year. The doctor asked how I have been feeling the last few months—I said I felt OK. He gave me a print-out of the scan results, which show that my tumor may be a thymic neoplasm (thyoma or thymic carcinoma). He suggested another scan in nine months. The scan also showed that I have severe coronary artery calcification. I have an appointment with another doctor in October to follow up on that issue. Thank you for your prayers so far, and now I request prayer about this new issue.

Cards may be sent to:

Wilhelm and Ingrid Mandel
747 Tanner Drive
Kingston, ON K7M 9G7

5 thoughts on “Willi Mandel”

  1. Hi Mr. Mandel. Old habits seem to stay with us..you know, the Mr. part etc. lol. Glad to hear the good news and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. All the best and God Bless(es),

  2. Hi Willi and Ingrid,
    It has been decades since I last saw you in Canada. Glad you are holding on through all these health trials. I hope and pray things will continue to improve,
    Love and blessings,

  3. Praise GOD and we continue to pray for you both. You know our love grows as we do, older that is. So very thankful for the good report and thank GOD HE is in charge of all our concerns and has shown HIS love over and over. We will talk soon.

    Love and best wishes as usual.

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