This update is from Emmanuel Okai, GCI pastor in Ghana, Africa.

101_1074Since 2001, GCI-Ghana has been running educational institutions as a way to serve the communities in which we operate. Our philosophy has been to provide the best spiritual, intellectual and social environment for children in our church areas.

Currently we are operating two schools. The first, founded in 2001 in our church hall is known as Kutunse Ambassador International School (see pictures below). It now has classrooms and a computer lab with 14 personal computers.

There are 14 teachers who assist in running the school which serves pre-school, elementary and junior high aged children. Six groups have graduated from the school and some of the pioneer students are about to complete college degrees. The second school, located near Kumasi, the second largest city in Ghana, is known as GCI Basic School. It currently has an enrollment of 60 pupils ranging from pre-school to fourth grade.