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Ted Millhuff celebrates 80 years

MillhuffsTed Millhuff (pictured at right with his wife Lila), part of the pastoral team serving GCI’s Grace of God Fellowship church in Tucson, Arizona, recently celebrated his 80th birthday three times! The first was at his home with family from Seattle, along with friends in Ted’s neighborhood including some nearby church members. The second was at church, where Ted was honored with a potluck meal. The third time was on Ted’s actual birthday (October 27) when a celebration was held with friends at an area restaurant.

Ted says that his life has been “quite a journey” and the best part of growing older is “learning and knowing the Source we need to lean on to keep on keeping on!”

Happy birthday Ted (and many more!).

Cards may be sent to:

Ted Millhuff
38076 S. Silverwood Drive
Tucson, AZ 85739

6 thoughts on “Ted Millhuff celebrates 80 years”

  1. Hello dear friends and very loved ones. So 80 is alright? Must be to celebrate 3 times. Mr. S had two, both early and late. So you have one on him (smile). They celebrated him in Fiji this last month. The family did in Tn, in June because many family members were there. So I will go for 4 as mine’s is coming up in Jan. (smile) Thank GOD for you on a more serious note, we are thankful, HE is not done with you yet. Keep loving and keep serving. Stay faithful and stay focused by Keeping your eyes on JESUS the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith. GOD bless and keep you.

  2. Happy Birthday. Remember Ted, “it’s not the years but the mileage.” Wishing you many more happy healthy miles!

  3. Congratulations Ted!
    I think it’s particularly cool that I’ve known you for over half your life. Best wishes for more wonderful decades

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