Taylors receive 25-year honors

At the recent US Regional Conference held in Orlando, Florida, GCI President Joseph Tkach honored Pastor Charles Taylor for 25 years of GCI employment. In recognition of their many years serving the church, Charles and his wife Keysha were given a plaque and watches.

25 years
L to R: Charles and Keysha Taylor, Joseph Tkach.

9 thoughts on “Taylors receive 25-year honors”

  1. Congratulations Charles and Keysha,

    You two make a great team and we know our God is pleased.

    Blessings to you both, now and always.

  2. Congratulations Charles and Keysha,

    You have always made beautiful music, in your lives, your speaking and the music you’ve performed. Thank you for your dedicated examples.

  3. Congratulations Taylors. You are two wonderful pastors and our Denomination is Blessed and Honored that you serve Christ so faithfully. Jeff and Karen

  4. Well Done Keysha and Charles!

    I know this has been a labor of love for the both of you. Praise to the Father for the blessing he provided in both of you.


  5. Congratulations, Charles and Keysha! May you be blessed with many more years. Charles, your prayers were definitely answered (you know what I’m referring to!).

  6. Congratulations, Charles & Keysha. We have the fondest memories of you both from when we lived in S. Florida. Always enjoyed your messages and music. You have been blessed mightily and blessed others in your example. Love you both.

  7. Congratulations and thanks, Taylors! Our watches have been running for many years and we treasure them and what they symbolize. Thanks Joe & GCI for these tokens. JR

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