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Ordinations in Texas and Africa

We are rejoicing in the recent ordinations of several elders in GCI congregations.

In Dallas

Joe and Megan Brannen
Joe Brannen with his wife Megan

Joe Brannen was ordained an elder in GCI’s Dallas (Central) Texas congregation on September 18. Joining the congregation’s Lead Pastor, Gabriel Ojih, in conducting the ordination ceremony were Associate Pastor Mike Urmie and Regional Pastor Michael Rasmussen. Joe’s family members and friends came from Oklahoma. Michael Rasmussen offered encouraging remarks following the ceremony, sharing a the story of Joe’s journey and commending the congregation on their “Outside the Walls” missional posture.

In Africa (Togo and Ghana)

Kalengule Kaoma, GCI Mission Developer in Africa, announced the ordination on September 18 of five elders serving GCI congregations in Africa—two serve in Togo and three in Ghana. Here are their pictures:


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  1. Congratulations and thumbs up to you all!
    Praying that God may continue to guide and use you for HIS glory and honor… Sending our love to you all!!!

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