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David Orth

Please pray for David Orth, associate pastor of GCI’s congregation in San Antonio, Texas. He recently had a heart attack. Here is David’s report:

David in 2012
David recovering in 2012

On September 5, I returned to the hospital following another heart attack (I had one in 2012). The doctors found a blockage and inserted a stent. I returned home three days later. Then on September 15 I had a follow-up visit with the doctor. Finding problems, he sent me back to the hospital for another angioplasty, which showed that the damage to my heart had worsened. I returned home on the 16th, wearing a “life vest” that monitors my heart 24 hours a day. If I happen to have another heart attack it will automatically shock my heart to get it restarted. In 30 days they will re-evaluate my condition. If it does not improve, I could continue wearing the vest, or have a pacemaker-defibrillator installed.

God is good—he is my healer, I continually give praise to him for all he has already done and will do in my life.

Thanks to you all for your concern and prayers.

David Orth
4326 Parkwood Dr
San Antonio, TX 78218-5028

2 thoughts on “David Orth”

  1. Hello David I hope you are doing better now and hoping with prayer that you will continue to heal. I have a pacemaker myself and I don’t even know its there but it does its job when needed. Whishing you well in Christ John Howard

  2. We trust in the infinite grace of our loving God. Jesus knows all our concerns, both small and great. To Him we offer our intercessions and through Him we present them as our offering to the Father. David, the Lord is with you. As you read these lines many around the world are praying that you may powerfully experience His goodness as you turn to Him to provide for what might be lacking.

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