Blooms’ son wed

Regional Pastor Randy Bloom and his wife Debbie are delighted to announce the recent wedding of their son Ryan to Ashley Taylor. The wedding, held in Austin, Texas, was officiated by Randy. Congratulations to Ryan and Ashley and to both families! Here are some pictures:

Ashley and Ryan


Ryan and Randy

4 thoughts on “Blooms’ son wed”

  1. Congratulations Randy and Debbie! I know it was extra special to have officiated your own son’s wedding. Wow!

    Love you all,

    PD and Emma Lee

  2. Hello Randy and Deb,

    Congratulations! Juli and I rejoice with you as your two families come together. Wish we could have been there like you guys were for us so many years ago.

    Love you both!
    Mike & Juli

  3. Congratulations to the proud parents of both families! What a joy to be involved with our younger generation’s most beautiful events in life, and to be able to participate in their lives in ways such as these.
    May the new couple Ryan and Ashley continue to be Blessed of God with their parents support long into the future. Love to all from David and Linda Husmann.

  4. Congratulations, Ryan and Ashley! Ryan, I have known your parents for many, many years and I couldn’t be happier for you and Ashley and them too. The setting looks beautiful. I know it was a perfect day. Many blessings to you both as you begin your fantastic journey together.

    Love to you both!

    Larry Wooldridge

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