Share Fair: joining Jesus’ compassion

This update is from Pastor Gabriel Ojih, who tells about a recent outreach event in his GCI congregation.

2016-share-fairOn September 10, Pathway of Grace Church in Mesquite, Texas, invited the community to its annual Share Fair, where food, fellowship and prayer, along with free clothing, furniture and household items were shared with the community. Items were donated by members, Sharing Life Outreach (a local charity), community families, and local dry cleaners. A very large amount of clothing was made available for babies, kids and adults, and most found new homes with the 350+ people who attended. Leftover clothing was donated to a homeless ministry.

2016-food-distributionIn conjunction with Share Fair, a food bank distribution hub was launched at our church building to provide food to needy families in the community once a week. This effort is a partnership with Sharing Life Outreach, which provides dignified, benevolent services to families in need in Mesquite and Southeastern Dallas County. Twenty-three families signed up, and about a thousand pounds of food, including canned goods and produce, were distributed.

2016-share-fair-on-missionMany meaningful conversations took place at Share Fair, in the prayer booth and elsewhere on the grounds. Members shared material goods and enjoyed the privilege of sharing hope, faith, and love with people in need of a window into the loving heart of God. One elderly African-American woman said, “This is fun and so helpful at the same time. I’m sure the good Lord is well-pleased. What you guys are doing is such a blessing and you didn’t have to do it!” And yet we did, for the love of God compels us in Jesus Christ our Lord.