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Rod Matthews

Thanks for praying for GCI Mission Developer Rod Matthews (click here for the original prayer request). Here is a note from Rod concerning his progress:

Rod Matthews

I am deeply grateful for the prayers, encouragement and love that has come my way through communication from all over the world leading up to and following my cancer surgery on October 20.

Last week the surgeon said he was very happy with how my recovery is progressing. He also presented me with the gift of good news that the biopsy results on the lymph glands removed during the operation indicate that the cancer has not spread beyond the prostate. In early February, I’ll have the first of a sequence of three-monthly blood tests to ensure there continues to be no further indicators of cancer.

I feel privileged to know so many people who are my loving and caring brothers and sisters in Christ, and I give thanks to God for bringing us together into such warm and nurturing fellowship in the body of Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Many thanks again, and all of God’s blessings to you and your families,

18 thoughts on “Rod Matthews”

  1. Rod, thanks for the update — we are grateful to the Lord for your recovery and will pass along your good words to our congregation. Love from the other side of the planet!

  2. Dear Rod,

    Thanks much for the personal update.

    We rejoice with you! God is gracious.

    Every blessing,
    Santiago and Elke

  3. Good news! Will keep praying for you Rod. Your faithfulness, kindness and love for others are such an inspiration to me and many others around the world!

  4. Greetings Rod!

    Been praying for you; this is certainly good and encouraging news!!

    Take good care!
    Gordon and Candace McKill

  5. Rod & Ruth: Thanks for the good news. We’ll continue to pray for your continued healing.

    Ken & Cathy Emerson

  6. Congratulations Rod & Ruth too on your successful God-inspired prostate cancer surgery. As a 19 year cancer survivor, both Anne Marie and I share your blessings. We so enjoyed meeting you both in Orlando.

    Don & Anne Marie Marson
    Anchorage, AK

  7. Wonderful news, dear friend Rod. We rejoice with you and will continue to pray for God’s complete healing and comfort for you and Ruth.

    With love,
    Ross and Tammy

  8. Rod – Wonderful to hear a good report! You’ve been in our prayers and will continue to be. Ray and Carol Meyer

  9. Thanks for the update, brother, we are rejoicing about your progress. God is good! We will continue praying for you.

    Eugene and Lulu

  10. Good news! I know this hasn’t been easy for either you or Ruth, but know that God is personally involved in all of our trials, health or otherwise (I know you know that!) May you feel his love and comfort surrounding you as you continue to recuperate. He is always faithful to us.

  11. So very happy to hear this good news Rod! You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers and will remain there.

    Gary and Wendy

  12. Hello Rod,
    You continue in our prayers daily. It is great to hear that your recovery is going so well. We are privileged to have regular updates from Ruth’s mother who is such a joyful member of our congregation. We look forward to another visit from you in the future.

    Ron & Paulette Jameson

  13. Hello
    We thank God for his gracious intervention in your healing and continue praying for your complete recovery
    Joseph and Georgette

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