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Updates from the Philippines

Here are links to updates on several recent events held by GCI-Philippines.

  1. A National Conference for GCI-Philippines pastors and leaders with guest speaker Dr. Gary Deddo: http://gci.ph/understanding-our-god-and-his-church/. For videos of the lectures Gary gave in the Philippines, click here.
  2. GCI-Philippines National Director visits Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon: http://gci.ph/cagayan-and-bukidnon-leaders-welcome-national-directors-visit/.
  3. GCI Kalibo Celebrates its tenth year: http://gci.ph/gci-kalibo-celebrates-its-tenth-year/.
  4. GCI Bohol festival: http://gci.ph/gci-bohol-celebrates-festival-2017/.
National Conference (L to R): Gary and Cathy Deddo, Eugene Guzon