Pedro Rufián

We have requested prayer for Pedro Rufián, GCI pastor in Spain who is battling prostate cancer. Here is an update from Pedro:

Thank you for your love, concern, prayers, messages, get-well cards and phone calls. Thanks also to God that my first chemotherapy session is nearly over and the side-effects (vomiting, pain, etc.) have not been an issue. Every day I have been able to work in my home basement office, perhaps with a little less strength, but it has been bearable.

The second chemo session is set for March 8. After the third session, my oncology team will evaluate the results and determine the rest of my treatment. On March 11, James Henderson will visit and anoint me. His visit will be most welcome and appreciated!

We are indeed a worldwide family, united by the Holy Spirit. It is reassuring and encouraging to know that many brothers and sisters around the world are praying for me and my family. We continue to trust our loving Father as our Healer, and in his perfect will for our lives. We have peace and confidence, knowing he is always with us. I will continue to appreciate your prayers for my family and for me, and also for the success of my cancer treatments.

Cards may be sent to Pedro and his wife Brigida at:

Mr and Mrs. Pedro Rufián
Real 26

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  1. Pedro,
    It is true: even as you avail yourself of resources that God has allowed for in our environment, you know that it is the King of glory that has to come to be with you and with us all, wherever we are. So, “Lift up your head; you are a ‘gate’ among gates.”
    In his love,
    Franklin & Cora

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