Philippines update

Here are links to reports on recent developments and ministry activities in GCI-Philippines:

  • Dr. Eugene Guzon

    Eugene Guzon graduates. Congratulations to GCI-Philippines National Director Eugene Guzon who was awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree in Transformational Leadership.

  • SEP Mindanao was held in Davao City.
  • A medical-dental mission where professionals hosted by a GCI congregation provided medical and dental services to people in the community where the congregation meets.

4 thoughts on “Philippines update”

  1. Dear Dr. Guzon,

    Congratulations! I have much enjoyed the times we were able to spend together at conferences over the years.

    Your wonderful example just shows that it is never too late to earn a good education.

    May the Lord keep on magnifying your ministry.

    Your brother,

    1. Earl, it’s no clear what you are asking about in referring to the “contact details.” Care to elaborate?

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