We Believe Youth Edition published

We are pleased to announce that a Youth Edition of GCI’s publication, “We Believe” has been published.

We Believe is a Question & Answer tool to use in teaching the core beliefs of our Christian faith. It is now available in three editions:

  • Youth Edition (for young teens and older children)—click here to download.
  • Adult Edition (for adults and older teens)—click here to download.
  • Teacher Edition (Adult edition + teaching notes)—click here to download.

For more about We Believe, click here.

One thought on “We Believe Youth Edition published”

  1. Thank you so much for the new booklet WE BELIEVE. Studying it with the scriptures is so very inspiring and encouraging! God is so very good. What a privilege to be able to have our eyes open and to be in relationship with Him. May this booklet be a source of blessings to many, many people.

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