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New GCI.org website

At www.gci.org you’ll find GCI’s new denominational website that is formatted to work with computers, tablets and smartphones. Let us know in the “add a comment” box below what you think. If you are having difficulty finding features and articles, use the search feature found at the top-right corner of each page (tip: when entering a word or title to search for, leave out all punctuation marks).

To access the GCI.online (member) website, scroll to the bottom of any page where you’ll find the member login function (circled in red in the picture below). You can also access the site directly by going to https://online.gci.org/

2 thoughts on “New GCI.org website”

  1. The new site certainly has a “modern look”. The navigating might be initially a bit bumpy for some of the older users (oops, I am one of them!).Comes with the territory, as creatures of habit. But, I can see the invested effort in wanting to make the site intuitive.I find the gray/black tones a bit dark, but that might well be just a matter of personal taste.

  2. The new site is modern, clean & a joy to navigate.
    I thought I would just have a quick look but soon became immersed.
    I love the idea of the Learn More boxes & clicking on other links for more information.
    It is vastly comprehensive & well organised.
    You can tell I’m hooked already!
    Well done and thank you so much.

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