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U.S. pastor installed

We are pleased to announce that Carrie Osborne, daughter of GCI Pastor Tom Smith and his wife Pam, after serving as a GCI Intern, Pastoral Resident and member of a pastoral team, was installed recently by Regional Pastor Rick Shallenberger as the Lead Pastor of Voice of Hope, GCI’s congregation in Chillicothe, OH. Here is a picture from Carrie’s installation celebration:

19 thoughts on “U.S. pastor installed”

  1. Dear Carrie,
    Welcome to the Pastoral role with Jesus! Stay close to Him and let the Spirit of God lead you always. Within the many responsibilities one will come to experience know this, God is with you in it all! Take heart, enjoy the people and Jesus’ workings for them. You will be blessed in so many ways, keep on keeping on! God Bless you and your family in this labor of love. David and Linda Husmann.

  2. Congratulations Carrie. Chillicothe has been blessed by the Lord with your pastorate.

    Todd Woods

  3. Congratulations Carrie!!!

    So happy for you and the congregation you will be pastoring.

    Love you,

    Angie Tabin

  4. Female pastors, represent! Thank you Carrie, for answering the Lord’s great call on your life to serve Him and others in this form of leadership.

  5. You proved to be right for the question back in 2008 or so, “Carrie, have you ever considered being a Pastor?” You do us proud girl. Love you and Greg! Tom & Pam (Dad & )

  6. Congratulations Carrie. This is wonderful news. You will be a fine pastor. The Ohio church is blessed to have you. May God guide and direct you and we know He will.

  7. Congratulations, Carrie,

    So happy for you!


  8. Congatulations, Carrie, may God guide you and lead you in Living and sharing the gospel


  9. CONGRATULATIONS Dear Sister and Friend! I love you and your family very much! You have my prayers and support and I’ve seen this coming for awhile now.

    Grace and Peace,


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