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“We Believe” study completed

The pastoral team of GCI’s congregation in Santa Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, led by Pastor Len Joson, recently finished its study of “We Believe“—a GCI teaching tool that addresses core doctrine and theology.

The group (pictured above) studied “We Believe” over a period of several months. Here are comments from several participants:

  • In our study of “We Believe,” done bit by bit every meeting, we had frank and open discussions that led to clarity about our denomination’s theological positions on fundamental biblical issues.
  • We not only achieved clarity in this study, but more than that, we were able to achieve a greater level of understanding in personal relationship with each other.
  • I strongly recommend “We Believe” to our congregations and encourage our pastors to try this with their leaders and members. It has helped me in my Christian walk, in the ministry and in dealing with other people in many ways.
  • Thank you to the authors whom God used to write this teaching tool. All praises to God in the highest!

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