We Are GCI Series | Mat Morgan

We Are GCI Series is a collection of videos where various GCI leaders and members are highlighted.

In this episode, GCI Secretary-Treasurer Mat Morgan, shares why he has enjoyed the move to the east coast with the GCI Home Office, and the health of GCI’s finances.

2 thoughts on “We Are GCI Series | Mat Morgan”

  1. It is great to have Mat featured in this video. It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to interact with him over the years. I have known Mat to be a humble man of faith with a big heart and with a mature sense of accountability and responsibility. He has been an excellent financial steward for the church whose contributions to our fellowship are surely greater than most know.

    Thanks Mat (and Pam) for your many years of dedicated and faithful service.

    May the Lord keep blessing the labor of your hands.

    Every blessing,

  2. Thanks for sharing the interview with Greg and Mat. We’ve come a long way in our organisational structure, and refreshing to hear the approach as an “elder-led, board supported” organisation. A very healthy approach.

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