Staten Island Congregation Begins ASL Bible

With help from God, the Home Office, and jumping through many hoops, Hands for Christ Community Church in Staten Island, NY, is excited to get our license from Biblica (publishers of the NIV Bible) giving us permission to translate the Bible into American Sign Language (ASL).

Now we can start the inner works of producing the books of the bible bit by bit. Once the book is finished, we will upload it to our website for the Deaf Community to read and gain an understanding of what the Word has to say to them.


11 thoughts on “Staten Island Congregation Begins ASL Bible”

  1. What a wonderful concept and project to pursue! Our hat is off to you all in the “Hands for Christ Community Church” for taking on this project in your love for others! Our prayers are with you as you work through this beautiful project. Pastor David Husmann.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing this Mary. It surprises me that there is no Bible for the Deaf Community. It doesn’t surprise me that you and Hands For Christ accept this labor of love. Thank God for you! Nancy and I are praying for all of you.

  3. What a huge project! God speed your hands, minds and hearts as you tackle this work that will serve many!

  4. Congratulations to all of you. I know you’ve been envisioning this and working on it for a long time. So happy this is finally coming to reality. Excited for you!

  5. A tremendous blessing! May the Lord powerfully shine through this fantastic labor of love.

    1. Hi Lister Yes I am aware of it and their translation is different… they give stories , while we are translating verse by verse according to complete concepts. I am looking forward to the movie…. Thank you and God Bless

  6. Praise be to the Living God! I will be praying for the successful completion of ASL translated NIV bible.
    My daughter was a School Nurse nine years at Oregon School For Hearing Impaired. Uses ASL every time she speaks or sings. Love the graceful signing for songs I enjoy am praying for you all!!

  7. This is wonderful news. So thankful God has opened the door for this very important work. God bless your project.

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