Pastoral Resident Program Graduate

Join me in celebrating Lucas Malmkar, who completed his GCI USA Pastoral Resident program this October. Lucas served as a pastoral resident with Grace Communion Surrey Hills in Oklahoma. He brings to his pastoral ministry a God-given ability to really see people and to whole-heartedly love people right where they are. Ministering alongside Lucas, I’ve experienced deep belly laughs and Jesus’ servant heart in action. Please enjoy some answers from Lucas’ graduate interview below.

Cara Garrity
Development Coordinator


Tell us about your calling or passion for ministry?
That passion or calling for ministry has been there ever since I could remember. The big difference is now that passion has matured. I have always felt a calling to lift people up, but now that passion is directed towards young adults. Young adulthood was an area in my life when I felt the most lost and needing guidance. I feel I can speak into those young hearts and minds and help them find rest and peace in who they really are and not what the world is trying to shape them into.

How did the Pastoral Resident (PR) program shape your ministry?
The PR program made me realize that working primarily with youth or young adults is where I best fit.

Where did you serve during your time in the program?
Oklahoma City/Yukon, Oklahoma.

What are your takeaways from your time spent as a Pastoral Resident?
The PR program was great. I was able to explore ministry in every way. I worked through real ministry challenges and solutions. This is a great way to get those called to pastoral ministry equipped to be successful pastors! I think this kind of program is going to be key in growing many great pastors that will serve well in GCI! I am truly thankful for this program.

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  1. I was so blessed to read your words about your calling, Lucas! God bless you and all your ministry endeavors that Jesus has for you in the future!

  2. I’m a bit late in reading this news, but a hearty Congratulations! to you on your completion of this program. God called, you answered, you received training. May God grant you many years of laughter and tears in your ministry ahead.

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