GC Cleveland Virtual Thanksgiving

On November 22, 2020, Grace Communion Cleveland held its annual Thanksgiving Prayer Service virtually on Zoom. Our Hope Avenue Champion, Dan Hulse, took the lead and organized our prayer time into the 3 Avenues of Faith (Renee Overton) Hope and Love (Pat Shiels). Each leader briefly discussed the topic with scripture and then led a group prayer. Participants were then invited to pray (while muted) during a praise song selected for that particular section.

The service concluded with taking time in silent reflection to write down burdens, things that are in need of forgiveness, as well as names of those whom they need to forgive. We had a closing song and prayer. The group was then invited to tear up the papers they had just written because they have now placed those concerns in the Lord’s hands. They were encouraged never to pick them up again.

35 people attended the church service. We could feel, see and hear the move of the Holy Spirit during this service. We are grateful and thankful for how the Lord is moving even in this time of the pandemic.

Prayers for his continued peace in the midst of the storm.

Tamar Gray
Pastor, Grace Communion Cleveland