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Three Reasons to Celebrate—Republic of South Africa

Pastor Thabo and Veronica Mahasha, with Koko Maria Maphelle (center)

First, Koko (Granny) Maria Maphalle was baptized on 6 March 2022. The previous month, on her 100th birthday, she expressed her desire to her family, “My soul yearns for Jesus. I want to be baptized before I die.” She has lived her entire life in the dusty village of Morudji in one of the most picturesque parts of South Africa, Tzaneen—an area with hot summers, mild winters, and an abundance of water. The area is decorated with beautiful mountains and valleys covered with greenery. All manner of fruit trees grows wild in the fertile soil.

Koko Maphalle attends the GCI Morudji congregation with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was baptized by Pastor Thabo Mahasha, who pastors the Morundji and Moleketla congregations. Members from both churches attended the baptism celebration, where Koko Maphalle’s mood was described as euphoric, and she could not stop singing and praising God!

Second, a week later, we celebrated the ordination of Pastor Rosinah Rapetsoa on 13 March 2022! She was ordained an elder and commissioned as the bi-vocational pastor of the GCI Polokwane church by Pastor and District Superintendent Caleb Makhela.

Left to Right: Regional Director Takalani Musekwa, Pastor Rosinah Rapetsoa, District Superintendent Caleb Makhela, and Pastor Thabo Mahasha.

Third, in an uncanny turn of events, another Koko baptism took place on the same day—this time of a nonagenarian. Koko Paulina Ledwaba, 91 years old, is house-bound and lives next door to Mary Mohale, where the Polokwane church meets. On most Sundays during the service, she could be heard shouting from her house, “Amen” and “Hallelujah!” At her request, the pastor and other members visit to pray with her occasionally.

Koko Paulina Ledwaba

Earlier in the week of 13 March, Koko Ledwaba fell seriously sick. Her family was worried that they were going to lose her, so they called a member they had befriended and asked for prayers. Thankfully, her situation improved.

On the next Sunday, Koko Ledwaba sent a message requesting to be baptized! After the church service and Pastor Rapetsoa’s ordination, the church members proceeded next door to Koko Ledwaba’s house for the baptism. She was baptized amidst great singing, praying, and celebration.

The grace of God does not expire. After 100 years, it found Koko Maphalle! After 91 years, it found Koko Ledwaba! Oh, what a Savior! Oh, what a salvation we have received in Jesus!

By Margaret Musekwa
Webmaster for GCI Solid Rock Church in Riviera, Republic of South Africa

2 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Celebrate—Republic of South Africa”

  1. Thank you so much Margaret for publishing this wonderful news.
    It’s true the grace of God has no age limit. Praises to His name. Hallelujah!

    1. The news of your ordination, Pastor Rapetsoa, is very wonderful! Your family around the world is sharing in your joy.

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