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Muphana Ngula’s ACCM Graduation—Lusaka, Zambia

The following is an update from John McLean, program director of Ambassador College of Christian Ministry (ACCM).

Congratulations to Muphana Ngula who has graduated with a Certificate in Christian Ministry from ACCM! Muphana is the pastor of one of our GCI congregations in Lusaka, Zambia. Additionally, he serves as the national Operations Manager (OM) and Board Treasurer. His wife, Jane, is the women’s ministry and children’s church leader. Having completed the six core courses that make up the certificate, Muphana is continuing his studies for the full diploma (10 courses) next semester. We congratulate him on his excellent efforts.

Let’s hear from Muphana, in his own words:

The ACCM Diploma course material is a treasure trove. It has opened my theological perspective from merely having theological information and knowledge to knowing a primary purpose of Scripture: the centrality of Jesus in all of Scripture.

The course has isolated major theological positions from peripheral issues. Looking at Scripture from an incarnational, trinitarian perspective unencumbered and freed me from many preconceptions. The course Jesus and the Gospels was an excellent starting point. The sequencing of the course modules made a lot of sense.

ACCM has deeply impacted my ministry. Each course brought me new learning opportunities. These days, I give room and grace to my brothers and sisters in the Lord to grow. I have come to terms with the Old Testament’s scheme of things in our incarnational, trinitarian theology. I am grateful to learn that my own Bible interpretations were clouded by personal biases and more by other people’s biases who are not acutely aware of the centrality of Jesus Christ in both the Old and New Testaments. The course has enabled me to understand that the Incarnation is the lens through which we must read the Bible. I have simply fallen in love with GCI doctrinal understanding.

I highly recommend this diploma course to anyone who would like to have a sound basis for both personal theological development and congregational leadership in GCI. Any preacher who would like to proclaim the word with clarity and sound doctrinal basis could benefit from ACCM.



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