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Youth Baptisms

We are so happy to announce the baptism of the six young adults in our Pasadena congregation on March 26, 2023! We held the baptism and the worship service in one of our members’ backyards. It was wonderful having the congregation witness and support the youth in their acceptance of Jesus as their personal Savior.

I have seen them grow physically and spiritually, and I thank God for how he is working in the life of our church. May we continue to be aware of the Spirit’s work in the lives of our members, and may we join the triune God in their love for them.

By Angie Tabin, pastor
Pasadena, CA, US

4 thoughts on “Youth Baptisms”

  1. What a wonderful blessing & joy-a celebration indeed! We also had a youth baptism on Easter Sunday! May God protect and be with each of them on this Christian Journey and may we, as adult members of the body, help nurture and encourage them!

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