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In Case You Missed It

Here are the top 10 GCI resources from 2023.

1. 2023 Denominational Celebration: Gathering and worshipping with our members from around the world is always a highlight. Relive the joy and camaraderie — or experience it for the first time — with recordings featuring GCI stories sessions, GCS graduation, and keynote sessions, including worship services. During the keynote sessions, we experienced some technical challenges. We did our best to improve the final product for a better viewing experience.

2. Faith, Hope, and Love in Action: This year the theme “Faith, Hope, and Love in Action” guided our efforts, propelling us to make disciples through deliberate engagement, vibrant worship, and living and sharing our Christian faith. Check out these articles on workshops equipping our leaders around the world to embody this theme:

3. Jesus’ How-To: Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the most popular lead article from Equipper. It explores the challenges of adhering to the Great Commandments and introduces Jesus’ new commandment as a transformative shift in focus.

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4. Devotional—A Shining Blessing: In Ordinary Time, we welcomed young authors to offer their insights on the theme, “God is in the streets.” We were blessed by the perspectives of the next generation of emerging GCI leaders as they shared their encounters with God outside of the walls of the Sunday church gathering. Don’t miss the chance to read the most popular devotional by Tongli Panuve in GCI-Fiji.

5. Surprise the World: In relationship with our Triune God and in community with one other, we engage in our neighborhoods shining the light and sharing the love of Christ. A book that has shaped missional living across all six GCI regions is Surprise the World by Michael Frost. In this quick read, Frost provides a framework that helps us develop missional habits in everyday lives.

6. Culture of High Support, High Challenge: In this letter, President Greg Williams explores the culture of GCI, emphasizing its foundation in the person of Jesus and characterized by the philosophy of “High Support, High Challenge, Grace Always.” Stay tuned for more insights and updates in the upcoming January 2024 issue as we continue to pursue GCI’s vision of Healthy Church.

GCI-US Home Church: Many of our faithful and longtime members no longer have a local GCI congregation where they can attend. We recognize that the church is wherever the body gathers and encourage your active participation in the Church in a local setting. Understanding that this may not always be possible, to provide high support we provide weekly sermons to help you stay connected with our fellowship. Click on the link to subscribe and receive our weekly messages of hope.

7. Healthy Church Challenge: Witness the dynamic talent of our youngest members as they share the good news of Jesus and how they experience his love.

8. Faces from the Home Office: The primary purpose of our Home Office is to offer support. Get to know some of our dedicated staff members who were highlighted in profiles this year.

9. Defining the 4 Es w/ Gavin Henderson Podcast: The 4 Es are the foundation for ministry development in the Avenues. Catch up on this episode to learn how practically to live out our theology in Healthy Teams.

10. President’s Video—3 Year Plan: In the January 2023 update, President Greg Williams highlighted the focus on leadership in the 6 Global Regions, urging pastors to build teams for the Ministry Avenues of Faith, Hope, and Love. Look back with this video, and reflect on our theme, “Faith, Hope, and Love in Action,” guiding us to make disciples through intentional engagement and vibrant worship. Stay tuned for an update on the culmination of our 3-Year Plan in our first January 2024 issue.