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Online donation system improved

The GCI IT Department announces improvements to the GCI online donation system.

Individuals (members and others) who wish to make a donation or view their personal donation records, may now do so by going to a new donor services panel online at www.gci.org/go/donate (if a person does not already have a login name and password, they may obtain one easily using the login signup process).

Online Donation Panel

The new donor services panel (see the header above) provides these features:

  1. A means to donate by credit or debit card to a GCI congregation in the U.S., or to a GCI denominational cause.
  2. A donor-controlled recurring donation manager—set it and let it automatically make monthly donations for you.
  3. View your personal history of donations to GCI churches and denominational causes.

All donation information on this site is transmitted using a secure connection to protect personal information.